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Dale Carnegie Training colabora con empresas y organizaciones de todos los tamaños para conseguir resultados empresariales cuantificables.

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Urban Engineering, Inc.

Business Challenge

Urban was challenged with the demands of new ownership and improving communication between employees within the organization. "We needed to understand the perspective of where certain people were trying to take the business," said D'Alba. "We weren't communicating clearly."



Dale Carnegie Training delivered a customized Leadership program that fit the specific needs of Urban. They acted as a part of the Urban team rather than an outside consultant while trying to improve both communication and understanding skills between employees.


"Our ability to communicate has become extraordinary. We are mostly engineers, and we got into engineering because we're good at numbers and not necessarily extraordinary with our communication skills. We've found that the people who have been through Dale Carnegie are able to stand up at a moment's notice and deliver a message that has all the important elements to get people to understand the vision and get motivated to take action," says D'Alba. The Dale Carnegie Training program taught him and his co-workers how to really listen and communicate with each other and with their clients.
"Dale Carnegie Training was the catalyst that got us through some challenging times and allowed our leadership team to focus on common goals that were better understood by nearly everyone. Dale Carnegie Training changed the look and feel of our organization."
-Edward M. D’Alba, PE, President, Urban Engineering, Inc.

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